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SPA Zone Winter/Spring League 2015

  • 18 Jan 2015
  • 24 May 2015
  • TBD

SPA Zone Winter/Spring League 2015


The idea of this league is to get the kids as much playing experience as possible that also give the feel of “real games” without the expense of “real games”. Teams in the Zone who wish to participate will be charged $550.00.

14U, 12U & 10U (8 games)

1. Sunday 1/18/15

2. Sunday 1/25/15

3. Sunday 2/8/15

4. Sunday 5/17/15

18U & 16U boys (10 games)

1. Saturday 1/17/15

2. Saturday 1/24/15

3. Saturday 3/7/15

4. Saturday 3/28/15

5. Saturday 4/25/15

This is how we are going to keep the cost down:

Scorekeepers, game clocks & refs.

  1. Each team will be responsible to have their own “Team Scorebook keeper”. There will need to be 2 scorekeepers (one from each team) at the table.

  2. There will be a “PAID” game clock/shot clock person at each venue. This person will be paid $10.00 per hour.

  3. Pool hosta will get $35.00 per hour, per course plus another $10.00 per hour to pay for a clock person. If you can provide 2 course at one pool  then 70.00 per hour plus another $20.00 for each clock person. I (Chad Beeler) will contact certain pools for use.

  4. Referees will be mostly new recruits (with mentors) and/or level 1. Some games with higher level refs may only have one ref and the 10’s will definitely only have one ref.

  5. Scores won’t matter too much as we do not plan to have these games work toward rankings for any tournaments and all games will be predetermined. This way teams can develop their players early in the year without worrying about wins/loses.

Things you may NOT like about this:

  1. Multiple whistles at one pool. Most pools will have 2 courses (this happens at most tournaments anyway). We will try to get 2 different sounding whistles at the pools.

  2. Warm up space may be limited (this happens at most tournaments anyway).

  3. Refs may upset most to all coaches with their calls  (No Comment).

  4. No game time changes. Once your team is entered, you can not back out or you will forfeit your fee for that play date.

Things you will like about this:

  1. Low cost! $550.00 is less than most weekend tournaments where you will get 4 games minimum.

  2. 2 games on Sundays and they will be 2 or 3 hours apart.

  3. Coaches will not have to ref games so they can coach their teams.

  4. Parents can understand the game better by helping out with scorebook or other jobs because they will need to pay attention. ~MANDATORY ONE PARENT VOLUNTEER FROM BOTH TEAMS~

  5. Ref development - All coaches will need to understand that the refs are learning and need to be offered suggestions/positive constructive criticism instead of being yelled at. Parents need to understand this most of all. This will also give the coaches and new refs a chance to at least recognize each other for future tournaments.

  6. I plan to have all game times predetermined before the first play date starts.

Teams in the zone will get one month priority registration. After the deadline, we will open the free spots to teams outside the SPA Zone

For those who think they are interested, click here and enter your team name in one of the slots provided in the seeding column listed on “Day one”. I have a league for teams who think they should be in the “A” Flight as well as a league for those who think their team should be in the “B” Flight.

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