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Younger NJO Quals! Photo ID Check-in Prior to Each Game; Roster and Score Sheet hand in prior to each game.

29 May 2013 11:02 PM | Anonymous

Photo ID Check-in Prior to Each Game; Roster and Score Sheet hand in prior to each game.

Things to Know for the SOPAC NJO Quals!

  • 1)      SCORE SHEETS! Please see attached blank score sheet; please type into sheet your rosters for each team and print enough copies to hand one into the score table prior to each game for each team.
  • 2)      VERIFIED ROSTERS! Please print enough copies of your verified rosters to hand one into the score table prior to each game along with your score sheet.
  • 3)      Photo ID check BEFORE EACH GAME! Yes, before each and every game, please supply a verified roster AND PRINTED HARD COPY PHOTO ID  MEMBERSHIP CARDS FOR COACHES AND ATHLETES! The procedure is attached and also pasted below.

For those who cannot open the word document for Photo ID check procedure:

Important JO Quals information

  • 1.       EVERY athlete an coach will be required to have a membership card with Photo ID
  • 2.       The following IDs will be accepted:
  • a.       USAWP Membership ID card – with current photo of athlete; since age verification has been done this is all that is needed.
  • b.      Driver’s license
  • c.       School ID card
  • d.      Color copy of picture page of passport – original document not required
  • e.      US Immigration documents
  • 3.       Teams will be required to check-in prior to EACH game, preferable at least 10 minutes prior if possible.  All coaches and athletes are required to have a printout of their USAWP Membership ID card or a government issued photo ID. A temporary ID is available anytime by logging into your online member account. Actually, club admins may log in to the USAWP system and select their roster and print out all of the memberships for that team.
  • 4.       Coaches and athletes will be asked to line up coaches first and athletes next in cap number order 1- 15. Referees will check nails and photo ID at the same time using the membership printouts and verified roster supplied by each team coach (completed score sheet for that game as well!). THIS IS TO BE DONE PRIOR TO EACH AND EVERY GAME! As a backup, for those of you who are resourceful, you could scan all of the memberships for each team and email them to your mobile device, in the event that the hard copy printouts get misplaced or damaged. For expediency, please use the hard copy and the electronic version only as an optional backup.
  • 5.       If an athlete does not have a photo ID, the referee will take the athlete’s cap and give it to the desk.  If the athlete can produce a membership/photo ID at any time during the game, they may present the ID to the desk in return for their cap.
  • 6.       If the athlete is 12 years old or younger a parent with a photo ID that matches the athlete’s last name may be accepted as proof. 
  • 7.       Coaches and athletes who do not produce acceptable photo ID will not be allowed to compete until they can comply with the requirement.  Again this is to be verified prior to each and every game.
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