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SOPAC Zone Policy for Tournament Hosts on Payment

21 Jan 2014 8:09 PM | Anonymous

Payment Timelines:

A tournament host, once in possession of the final invoice of all payments and fees, does have the responsibility to pay the amount due in full. The host shall have up to 21 (calendar) days to complete this action. This payment can be made by individual payments to all parties involved or paid to any 3rd party entity given the responsibility to make such individualized payment such as RefPay. It shall be the host of the tournaments responsibility to ensure the payments are received on time and in good standings. Insufficient funding, method of delivery and other delays that may occur are the responsibility of the host organization.

Penalties for Late Payment:

It shall be deemed financially negligent for any club or institution to pay for services rendered more than 21 (calendar) days after receiving an invoice for the tournament or games played. Unpaid invoices that are more than 21 days late, shall receive a revocation of all current hosting activity in the So Pac Zone. This will be until the entire invoice payments have been received and all unpaid parties named in the invoice are made whole. All invoices are due and payable within 21 days of receipt of invoice.

All invoices not paid within 21 days shall result in:

            Revoking of all sanctions currently being held by that host until paid in full

            A 25% penalty shall be applied for all invoices > 30 days.  If unpaid after the initial 30 days, an additional 25% shall be added each month to the unpaid balance until paid in full.

Definition of late fees:

If the invoice becomes delinquent for more than 30 (calendar) days, the host institution shall receive an additional 25% invoice fee that shall be added to all referees fees and assignor fees that are not paid. For each additional 30 (calendar) days, a 25% invoice fee per time period penalty shall apply until the adjusted debt is paid in full. (Example; ref1 is owed $100.00 for game fees, if he/she is not paid within 30 calendar days, the adjusted invoice should be for $125.00 if this is paid within 60 days but after 30 days. If the invoice is not paid within 60 days, then the invoice shall read $150.00 if it is paid before 90 days but after 60 days, and so on.)


There may be an occasion where there is an uncertainty about an invoice. This on its face does not stop any calendar day’s activities, but it should be discussed openly and fairly for both parties (host and assignors/head referees) to agree on the amount of the invoice. There shall be up to 5 calendar days to discuss any discrepancy and 5 calendar days to mutually agree on them or come to resolution on the situation. This would still allow 10 calendar days for payment processing and instill proper payment actions of any host institution. If at the end of the 10 calendar days of discussions, the 2 parties (host and assignors/head referees) do not agree on the invoice, then the next step is to involved the Southern Pacific Head Referee. If there is a dispute in any invoice, the undisputed portion shall be paid immediately and the disputed amount and the basis for the dispute presented to the Southern Pacific Zone Head Referee. If the dispute cannot be resolved within 14 days, the matter shall be presented to the SoPac Board whose determination shall be final. Any penalties issued by the current standing policies shall be enforced unless approval by the BOD is given. A host should not be liable for any errors committed by any required 3rd party payer (RefPay, and the like).This should be on a case by case basis.

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