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JO Quals Hosts and Entry Fees Set

07 Apr 2014 2:25 PM | Anonymous
The Zone Board has approved the recommendation of our competition committee and have approved bid requests to host JO Quals as follows:

Younger JO Quals:  Set/Kahuna $625/team

Entries will close on 5/16/14 at 5 PM.  
Seeding Conference call on 5/19/14 at 7 PM

Older JO QUals:      CHAWP $600/team
Entries close on 6/2/14 at 5 PM.
Seeding Call on 6/9/14 at 7 PM 

Entries for Quals is via the USAWP Entry System.  Clubs must enter JOs and Quals at the same time.  Payment is due at the time of entry. A team must be in good standing (No outstanding payments due) to enter  and will not be considered entered until payment is made.

Good luck to all our teams!

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