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NEW! Procedures for Sanctioning and Assigning Referees for Tournaments and Events

22 Oct 2014 9:19 AM | Anonymous

SOPAC Zone Procedures for Sanctioning and Assigning Referees for Tournaments and Events


Effective January 1, 2015

The Sopac Zone of USA Water Polo is the largest zone in terms of membership as well as number of games played. One of the main functions of the Zone is to promote competition and grow the sport. A primary responsibility of the Zone is to oversee and organize the competition conducted within the boundaries of the Zone. This is conducted via the sanction process, which is required for all USAWP competitions. The Zone is responsible to review the sanction requests that are submitted by our clubs and evaluate them and if appropriate, approve the sanction.

The primary concern of the Zone is to promote a level of quality for our events and a range of competition for all of our athletes to compete within. Sopac is characterized by Clubs with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our clubs host and promote many large tournaments that cover multiple locations as well as single day events and leagues. As mentioned, the Zone sanctions more events than any other Zone within USAWP. On any given weekend, the Sopac Zone sanctions multiple tournaments and leagues of all ages. On certain weekends, the number of games held in our zone alone is larger than the Junior Olympics in a shorter time frame. The Sopac Zone’s focus therefore is not necessarily to develop more competitions but rather, to better organize the competitions we have.

One of the downsides of the volume of competition is that we frequently have conflicts in those events. It is not uncommon for there to be many competing events at the same age group on any weekend. While this could be considered a detriment in forcing clubs to choose events, it also provides a level of competition among our events, which forces the hosts to improve the management and quality of the event. We also have certain weekends that are scheduled for multiple large events that tax the capacity of the Zone’s resources.

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