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High School Summer League Information

06 May 2015 11:28 AM | Kathryn Manderino (Administrator)

We have set up one big league for all the Orange County HS summer leagues through the USAWP US League process. The first step would be to send a list of all high school teams participating in your league to and what pool(s) you are using. Then follow the Athlete/Coach/Referee Registration and Creating a Roster instructions below.

Athlete/Coach/Referee Registration:
1. Go to

2. Select "2015 Orange County Summer HS League" from the drop down
3. Three options will come up athlete, coach, and referee. Athlete participation will be $15 and coach/referee will be free.
4. Athletes and Coaches will select their team on the next step

Note: If an athlete/coach/referee are already USAWP members they can register for a league pass following the above instructions but instead of paying $15 it will be free for athletes. 

Creating a Roster:
1. Log into membership account
2. Expand "Event Rosters" on the left hand navigation menu
3. Select "US leagues Verification"
4. Select "2015 Orange County Summer HS League" from the drop down
5. Then select Division group, division and team name.
6. Get all athlete Member IDs and enter them to the roster

Attached is more information on US Leagues.

US Leagues HS Letter

USAWP US League Part I Information

USAWP US League Part II Information athlete, coach, ref registration

USAWP US League Part III Information- Roster Verification

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