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Final Placements for Youngers JO Quals

09 Jun 2016 4:44 PM | Anonymous

10U Mixed

 Vanguard  1st
 Newport  2nd
 SOCAL Black  3rd
 Back Bay  4th
 Huntington Beach  5th
 OCWPC  6th
 United  7th 
 Laguna  8th
 Irvine  9th
 Costa Mesa  10th

12U Girls
 Huntington Beach
 Laguna  2nd 
 Newport  3rd
 SOCAL  4th
 Back Bay  5th
 Riverside  6th
 CDM  7th 
 Tritons  8th 
 SET  9th 
 Laguna (B)  10th 
 Northwood  11th 
 OCWPC  12th 
 Elite  13th 
 HB Blue (B)  14th 

12U Boys
 Vanguard Blue  1st
 Northwood Navy  2nd
 Newport  3rd
 SOCAL Black  4th
 HB Orange (A)  5th
 OCWPC Blue (A)  6th
 Tritons Red (A)  7th
 Costa Mesa  8th
 Vanguard Silver (B)  9th
 Newport (B)  10th
 Riverside  11th
 CDM  12th
 Renegades  13th
 Back Bay  14th
 Kahuna  15th
 Laguna Beach  16th
 Elite  17th
 OCWPC Red (B)  18th
 SOCAL Gold (B)  19th
 Northwood Silver (B)  20th
 Tritons (B)  21st
 SET  22nd

14U Girls

 SOCAL  1st
 Laguna  2nd
 Huntington Beach  3rd
 SET  4th
 CDM  5th
 SOCAL Gold  6th
 Elite  7th
 HB Blue (B)  8th
 CHAWP  9th
 Back Bay  10th
 Newport  11th
 Vanguard  12th
 Alliance  13th
 SET Pink (B)  14th
 CDM White (B)  15th

14U Boys

 SOCAL Black  1st 
 Vanguard  2nd 
 Newport (A)  3rd 
 OCWPC Blue (A)  4th 
 Northwood Navy  5th 
 Vanguard Silver (B)  6th 
 Tritons Red  7th 
 Riverside  8th 
 CDM Blue (A)  9th 
 CHAWP White (A)  10th
 SET (A)  11th
 OCWPC Red (B)  12th
 SOCAL Gold (B)  13th
 International  14th
 Costa Mesa  15th
 Alliance  16th
 HB Orange (A)  17th
 Renegades  18th
 Elite  19th
 Northwood Silver (B)  20th
 Newport Beach (B)  21st
 EAST  22nd
 Back Bay  23rd
 SC Tritons Black (B)  24th
 CDM White (B)  25th
 CHAWP Blue (B)  26th
 SET Black (B)  27th
 Northwood White (C)  28th

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