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Period length:  10u coed 5 minute quarters, 12u/14u boys and girls 6 minute quarters, 16 boys and girls play 6 minute quarters for all games. 18 boys and girls play 7 minute quarters for all games.

Time outs:  All games have 2 one minute time outs

All games require a winner and loser; NO TIED GAMES! Should the game score be tied at the end of regulation time, the tie shall be broken by shoot out. In group play, teams advance to the next round according to game points earned from game results within the group:

·         4 win in regulation or by forfeit

·         3 win by shoot out

·         2 loss by shoot out

·         1 loss in regulation

·         0 forfeit

Shoot Out Result - regardless of goal difference or total goals scored during shootout, the game score shall be recorded as +1 goal for the winner (eg. game tied 5-5, final game score 6-5 by shoot out) for calculating advancement.

In the unlikely case of teams tied in game points, teams advance according to the FINA tie breaker rules, stated in the FINA Playing Rules, Appendix BL:

Two Way Ties - BL
"...The team winning the game between the two teams shall be placed higher..." (no other provisions apply)

Three Way Ties - 
"The results among the tied teams shall determine the placing. The comparison shall be made upon first, the points of the games among them, next the goal difference, and next, based upon goals scored ALLOWED."

A participant penalized for a violation of Rule 21.11 of the USAWP Playing Rules (brutality/violence) shall not participate in the team's next game in that division, and until the suspension is served, shall not participate with any team in any division, and may be subject to additional punishment by action of the Championship Finals Management Committee.

First team listed wears white caps and starts the game sitting on the bench to the left, as viewed from the Official Table. Teams shall switch ends/sides at halftime.

To protest a misapplication of the rules in a game a head coach or team official named on the game roster must:

1.     do so within 30 minutes of its ending time (recorded by referee on the score sheet)

2.     immediately pay a $100 cash Protest Fee to the Site Director, who holds it in behalf of USAWP/Host

3.     describe the incident and nature of the protest in writing, using the Protest Form (attachment below or back of the original score sheet using the Form’s identical format, if the form is not available).

The site director shall immediately notify these parties of a completed filing

1.     the non-protesting team’s head coach

2.     the lead referee at the game site, or in his/her absence, the NJO head referee(s)

3.     the Sopac Competition Committee.

NOTE:  If an adverse condition is known prior to the start of a game, all provisions apply, EXCEPT filing must be complete BEFORE the signal to start the game is given by the game referee. Teams will proceed with the game at the scheduled time.

A participant who receives a red card shall not participate in the team's next game in that division, and until the suspension is served, shall not participate with any team in any division.

 Remember to wear correct cap color and to supplied verified rosters AND SCORE SHEETS prior to EACH GAME!

Please use the USAWP verified roster system to print your verified rosters AND FROM YOUR ROSTER DISPLAY PAGE USWE THEW PRINT SCORE SHEET OPTION AT THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THAT PAGE.

Remember to print enough to hand one in prior to each game.

Check for updated and latest schedules – thanks!

Good luck!

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