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12 May 2017 10:25 AM | Anonymous

SOPAC will not have quals for 10U Girls during the younger quals weekend, just 10 Coed and 12’s and 14’s.

BUT as there is presently no way to enter the nationals without entering quals for the 10 girls (verified by USAWP and their entry system).

The procedure for 10 girls is for them to enter the SOPAC quals (as if they were going to play that weekend, following all deadlines) pay for the quals and pay 50% for nationals at least, as with all other younger teams, as if they will be playing in the quals. But then at some point USAWP will refund them the quals or refund net to cover full NJO amount.

Then a some point the involved clubs will play games on their own to determine 10 girls zonal seeding, again, leaving it up to them to advise the zone with their ranking, after which the zone can advise USAWP to properly seed the nationals.

This way 10 girls can play coed if they wish for quals and nationals plus play nationals, without having to double up on quals weekend when nationals are on separate weekends.

So USAWP will not be sending funds to SOPAC younger quals hosts for 10U girls teams, just 10 Coed, 12 B&G, 14B&G for that younger quals weekend. 10U Girls Quals entry fee funds will be applied respectively to nationals for the teams and net refunded to clubs for the 10 girls teams.

Any questions please contact Nick Baba (949) 689-0500 Thanks!

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