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  • 30 May 2013 7:46 AM | Anonymous


    GAMES: 6-minute quarters for all 12’s & 14’s, 5-minute quarters for 10’s; the schedules are SOPAC Zone approved (Jan/2013) tailored to more thoroughly play out where the initial allocation cutoff is estimated to be (does not include reallocations).

    USAWP/FINA Rules as stated and with exceptions:
    The first team listed shall wear white caps and sit to the left of the score table from the vantage point of someone sitting at the score table.

    Teams shall switch ends at halftime; the rules do not allow for switching ends each period.
    All periods shall be of 6 minute duration for 12’s and 14’s, and 5 minutes for 10’s.

    Possession Clocks shall be set for 30 second possessions for all divisions except 10's which will go 45 seconds
    Size 4 ball will be used for the 14’s, size 3 for the 12’s, and size 2 for the 10’s

    Each team shall have 2 x 1-minute timeouts per game.

    All game must have a winner. If tied at end of regulation play, teams will go directly to shootout. Teams will shoot at same goal – to the right of the score table unless mutually agreed upon to shoot all shots at the other goal.

    4 points for regulation win
    3 points for shootout win
    2 points for shootout loss
    1  point  for regulation loss
    0 points for forfeit

    RED CARDS: Any COACH receiving a red card shall be required to sit out the next game for that team in that division, AND ALL GAMES IN BETWEEN IN THE EVENT THAT COACH IS COACHING ANOTHER TEAM IN ANOTHER DIVISION.

    RED CARDS: Any PLAYER receiving a red card shall be required to sit out the next game for that team in that division, AND ALL GAMES IN BETWEEN IN THE EVENT THAT PLAYER IS PLAYING IN ANOTHER DIVISION.

    BRUTALITIES: Any PLAYER receiving a brutality shall be required to sit out the next game for that team in that division, AND ALL GAMES IN BETWEEN IN THE EVENT THAT PLAYER IS PLAYING IN ANOTHER DIVISION.

    PROTESTS: are only applicable for a misapplication of the rules, not for judgment calls. The must be filed within 5 minutes after the conclusion of the game, in writing with $100 cash which would only be refunded if protest is upheld. Write on back of score sheet and immediately get to site director who will take a photo and send to the protest committee via Mark Cousineau,
  • 29 May 2013 11:02 PM | Anonymous

    Photo ID Check-in Prior to Each Game; Roster and Score Sheet hand in prior to each game.

    Things to Know for the SOPAC NJO Quals!

    • 1)      SCORE SHEETS! Please see attached blank score sheet; please type into sheet your rosters for each team and print enough copies to hand one into the score table prior to each game for each team.
    • 2)      VERIFIED ROSTERS! Please print enough copies of your verified rosters to hand one into the score table prior to each game along with your score sheet.
    • 3)      Photo ID check BEFORE EACH GAME! Yes, before each and every game, please supply a verified roster AND PRINTED HARD COPY PHOTO ID  MEMBERSHIP CARDS FOR COACHES AND ATHLETES! The procedure is attached and also pasted below.

    For those who cannot open the word document for Photo ID check procedure:

    Important JO Quals information

    • 1.       EVERY athlete an coach will be required to have a membership card with Photo ID
    • 2.       The following IDs will be accepted:
    • a.       USAWP Membership ID card – with current photo of athlete; since age verification has been done this is all that is needed.
    • b.      Driver’s license
    • c.       School ID card
    • d.      Color copy of picture page of passport – original document not required
    • e.      US Immigration documents
    • 3.       Teams will be required to check-in prior to EACH game, preferable at least 10 minutes prior if possible.  All coaches and athletes are required to have a printout of their USAWP Membership ID card or a government issued photo ID. A temporary ID is available anytime by logging into your online member account. Actually, club admins may log in to the USAWP system and select their roster and print out all of the memberships for that team.
    • 4.       Coaches and athletes will be asked to line up coaches first and athletes next in cap number order 1- 15. Referees will check nails and photo ID at the same time using the membership printouts and verified roster supplied by each team coach (completed score sheet for that game as well!). THIS IS TO BE DONE PRIOR TO EACH AND EVERY GAME! As a backup, for those of you who are resourceful, you could scan all of the memberships for each team and email them to your mobile device, in the event that the hard copy printouts get misplaced or damaged. For expediency, please use the hard copy and the electronic version only as an optional backup.
    • 5.       If an athlete does not have a photo ID, the referee will take the athlete’s cap and give it to the desk.  If the athlete can produce a membership/photo ID at any time during the game, they may present the ID to the desk in return for their cap.
    • 6.       If the athlete is 12 years old or younger a parent with a photo ID that matches the athlete’s last name may be accepted as proof. 
    • 7.       Coaches and athletes who do not produce acceptable photo ID will not be allowed to compete until they can comply with the requirement.  Again this is to be verified prior to each and every game.
  • 29 May 2013 10:58 PM | Anonymous

    Don't forget, the next member education session will be held this Friday Night May 31st from 6-7:30 PM at Irvine High School Room HLG.  The session is designed to educate our coaches and members on the rules of the game and how referees are instructed to interpret those rules and call the game.  We will be featuring an interactive  video session where you can watch a video clip and then decide on what call, if any you would make.  The calls will be discussed with the correct call identified.  Why learn from the person next to you in the stands when you can learn from one of the best.  Our presenter is Dr. Robert Corb, Director of Officiating for NCAA Water Polo and a sports psychologist from UCLA.


    See you there.

  • 25 May 2013 5:10 PM | Anonymous
    The seeding meeting for the SOPAC NJO Quals will be Sunday morning. Info was emailed out to club admins.
    9:00am - 9:40am: 14U Girls, 12U Girls, & 10U
    9:40am: 12U Boys & 14U Boys
  • 25 May 2013 6:18 AM | Anonymous
    With our zone qualifiers starting next weekend for our younger athletes, we will be hosting the second installment in our coach and member education series featuring Dr. Robert Corb.   The class will be next Friday, May 31st from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM at Classroom HLG on the campus of Irvine High School.  The class will include a discussion of the latest rules of the game, and more importantly, how our referees are instructed to look and call the game.  The session will be rounded out with a general discussion of the various roles of coaches, players and fans and understanding the boundaries of each.  We urge all of our members and coaches to attend this session, which is free to our members.
  • 25 May 2013 6:17 AM | Anonymous
    Also, we would like to announce an upcoming Dream Gold Water Polo clinic being hosted by Kelly Rulon, Tumua Anae and Courtney Mathewson, members of the Gold Medal Winning 2012 Women's Olympic Team. The clinic will be held at Canyon high School in Anaheim on June 8th beginning at 830 AM.  For more info, go to for more info.
  • 25 May 2013 6:15 AM | Anonymous

    Both our men's and women's national teams are in Los Alamitos this weekend for the FINA World League Prelims.  Check for the latest results and schedules.  Come out and support our teams in their only domestic stop this summer.

  • 10 May 2013 1:08 PM | Anonymous
    Please click here: to enter your teams for the younger NJO quals. Note that you must pay online in order to be entered. In the event of a team getting only a single game, partial refunds will be made. We are encouraging clubs to enter by May 17th in order to properly seed the teams. Clubs must enter the national event by May 24th or be dropped from the quals.
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